Returning to Costa de Oro

I have decided to return to Costa de Oro, this time as the project coordinator.  I am super excited to get back on the beach and start working with the turtles again.

Last year I had the privilege of working with Courtney and Victor.  And, while they are both on to new adventures I am excited to meet the new group of research assistants and volunteers I will be working with.  As well as seeing some old friends at neighboring beaches, I'm excited to see the community as well! 

I have been doing some research as to new blog apps for my iPad to bring you more pictures and better blog posts.  Also, I've been reflecting on last years trip and thinking about what I would else I would bring to Costa Rica the first time around.  

Can't wait to share with everyone my next round in Costa Rica starting middle of August!!! 


Video from Michelina

It occurred to me that I never shared this video with anyone via my Blog.
Michelina, our amazing volunteer from San Diego made this video when she got home from Costa Rica.  Because I was traveling around I got to see it but was never able to upload it, due to slow internet.
BUT, better late than never. She did a great job and captured some of the most awesome clips from around the house, turtles, and adventures into the community.